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lateral-plank-arm-extended-2   Low Back & CoreTwo-hands-On-Exercise-Ball-Start-Shoulder-Stability-Exercise


Head and Neck




vibration-Push-up-anterior-plankForearm, Wrist, and Handwobble-board-squatting-two-feet


Hip and Squat Series


Knee, Ankle, and Foot


Following any of the links above to watch videos on exercises for each region.  Remember to perform all exercises and stretches in a pain free range of motion.  In rehabilitation exercises it is better to be slow and cautious.  You are trying to stretch and strengthen damaged tissue.  If you over do it, the tissue will become more damaged.


Rehab is different than exercise.  In exercise and training you are challenging strong tissue, which will cause it to become stronger.  In rehab you are challenging broken tissue, and too much strain will break more fibers instead of building stronger tissue.  The phrase “no pain no gain” is force training, not rehab.

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